Why Being in an Adoptive Family Is Beautiful

Being part of any family is beautiful, but being part of an adoptive family is something spectacular. There is much to be learned about other cultures, genetics, traditions, and behavior. And so when you are part of an adoptive family you get to see, appreciate, and celebrate your family for the way it has melted and blended those characteristics together.

In an adoptive family, you search for the similarities and differences in one another that have nothing to do with appearances. You look deeper.

You find humor in the traits that mirror one another in your family even when there is no genetic tie.

You discover that the way you dress, the way you laugh, the way you eat, the way you brush your hair all seem to have origins in your adoptive family and not only in your DNA.

You tend to look at things in the perspective of the “bigger picture.” You don’t assume things as quickly about other families because you already understand the complexities that create a family.

You all bring something unique to your home. When adoptive families are created with older children especially you notice how each one of you brings your own observations, and perspectives, and opinions and because of the deep love you all share, you let those things change you for the better.


In an adoptive family, you learn compassion and empathy. You share in each other’s experiences that drew you together.

Your extended family reaches far and wide. You may have multiple aunts, uncles, cousins, and even sets of grandparents!

Some adoptive families share last names or similar looks and others don’t. You get to keep people on their toes a bit.

The most beautiful thing about being part of an adoptive family? You are a public display and example for others of love. Creating your adoptive family isn’t without work and sacrifice and lots of time and energy, so when you are out and about and letting your light shine, make no mistake–it shows!